Bloody sabbath

The boats returned to the shores safely with the bodies of headless men. My father’s was safely fit into the boats with two of his co-workers. I didn’t dare to break the news to my mom lest I became an orphan on a Sabbath day. I tried to touch my father’s at least bond with … Continue reading Bloody sabbath


Lazy moon

This happened far back in the year 1970 August 8. It was a full moon and as it was customed for us in the village the old people gathered the kids around and told them stories in different versions of how the tortoise broke his shell . Some said he fell from heaven others said … Continue reading Lazy moon

Solitude in War (part 2)

The room smelled of earth and mud. It was dark; one could hardly see without widening their eyes and the view is his shadow staring right back at him on the patchy non painted walls .They were smeared with mud. The room had no windows; at the corner of the room, there were old rusted … Continue reading Solitude in War (part 2)

Solitude in war [part 1)

The scorching sun was happy; the effects were on my white school shirt and brown shorts. I couldn’t wait to become a senior and wear long trousers .Wearing slim fit khaki trousers with well ironed pleats was like the modern day identification in Manzini. That was your free pass to a voluptuous virgin blood . … Continue reading Solitude in war [part 1)